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Linguamuse is an interactive soap opera in which you can significantly improve your Dutch or French. Discover the exciting stories of Nic and Lara with multiple choice questions, translations, audio fragments and language tips. You can even try the first episode for free!

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Discover the stories of Nic and Lara

Linguamuse brings an exciting thriller with ‘Nic’ and ‘Lara’ in the lead roles. It is a sequel with built-in language exercises. Easy to do on a computer or tablet. Curious? Meet our two main characters.

Djamel Verstraete 

Djamel Verstraete goes by the nickname ‘Nic’. He is from Brussels and his mother is of Moroccan origin. His father is Belgian. Nic paints but earns a living as the concierge of a large apartment building in the green outskirts of Brussels. His dream is to be recognized for his artistry one day.

Lara Damart

Lara Damart was born and raised in New York. She has a Belgian father (diplomat) and mother (opera singer) with whom she speaks Dutch. The company she works for – Pharmasoftie – has offered her a job in Brussels. Curious to get to know her ‘home country’, she accepts the new function. Meeting Nic will change her life forever.

For whom?

Linguamuse is aimed at anyone who wants to upkeep or improve his/her Dutch or French language skills. Via the exciting stories you will learn vocabulary on a daily basis, usable and useful in both formal as well as informal situations! Linguamuse offers an ideal learning method if your current language level is at least A1. But people with a B2 level will also get their fair share!

For more information about the different language levels, you can read our blog post.

Educational advantages

Vocabulary expansion about daily life and working in Belgium: telephoning, making an appointment, holding a meeting, school, the town hall, at the doctor’s, etc.
Introduction to the general Belgian culture: from the chip shop to the museum.
Between 30 and 70 new words and expressions per episode + downloadable vocabulary list.
Audio fragments and extra translations during reading.
Language tips about grammar + download.
The text without the exercises + download.


Practical advantages

100% online.
Choose the formula that is right for you.
Complete the exercises where you want to.
Perfect for busy people who have difficulties to plan a language training in their already full agenda.



You make a choice out of 3 formulas. The more stories you order, the better price you get. It’s as simple as that!

Every episode contains

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