What is your language level?

As mentioned we aim to reach everyone who would like to improve or maintain his or her Dutch or French language skills. But what is your current language level? And is Linguamuse actually something for you?

Europe likes to think in a pigeonhole manner and thus divides language users into different categories. It may sound a little mathematical but it does in fact help to determine whether a course in a language other than your mother tongue is right for you or not. 

According to the European standards, there are basic users (level A), independent users (level B) and proficient users (level C). Are you a total beginner? Then your level is ‘A0’. In this case, Linguamuse will unfortunately be too ambitious for you! A minimum ‘A2’ level is in fact necessary.

In order to obtain an A1 level, you will need about 120 hours of language training.

“I have taken the time to read the European Framework of Reference self-assessment test  and have contacted Linguamuse afterwards for some additional tips and advice. And what do you know? I was well on my way!”

Before you start the story about Djamel & Lara, you need to check the section 'Reading A2' on the grid. Click here to discover your language level. 

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